Because forward-thinking men no longer want to choose between ecological and healthy or high-quality care


Nature has an incredible natural intelligence that allows it to develop protective weapons to constantly adapt to a hostile environment: the principle of ecological resilience. It is precisely these molecules, enhanced by science and biotechnology, that we have chosen to highlight in our products.

In this world of total disruption, everyone is called upon to develop a strong capacity for adaptation. To cope with the pressures of the modern world, people must be able to recharge their batteries instinctively. To reconnect with nature, with their nature.

That's why my scientific team and I have developed a true 100% natural alternative to existing cosmetics. Like nature, man must assert his power of resilience loud and clear.
Nathalie Gritti, EMBA, Founder of BEYOND MEN'S CARE



To find the best synergies between plant extracts and active ingredients from biotechnology.


+ 22 years of experience

+ 1st Ecocert certified laboratory in Switzerland

+ In the heart of the Swiss nature reserve

+ Highest quality standard ISO 22716:2007 (GMP)

+ Swiss Mountain Spring Water


Valentine Du Bois

Master in Medical Biology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Valentine holds a Master's degree in medical biology from the University of Lausanne after a Bachelor's degree at the University of Geneva. During her Master's degree, Valentine specialized in the fields of pharmacology and toxicology, focusing on applied laboratory research for the development of new treatments.

Sébastien del Rizzo

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) at the University of Lausanne and a Master of Science in Genomics & Experimental Biology at the University of Lausanne.

Convinced of the synergistic link between plants and humans, Sébastien achieved his first success by demonstrating the positive effect of micronutrients on sleep. With this first step, he continued to achieve his goals by focusing on biotechnological development, regenerative medicine via biological extracts and on optimizing the production of compounds.

Julie Mobhat

Master 2 in Life Sciences Engineering, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Julie holds a Master 2 degree in Life Sciences Engineering from EPFL, specializing in neuroscience and neuroengineering after a Bachelor’s degree from the same school. Her skills lie at the interface between engineering, life sciences, biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology with a focus on biotechnological innovations for medicine.


« Because men are thinking about their image, their responsibilities, and how to redefine a new form of masculinity away from stereotypes»



BEYOND MEN'S CARE marks the great return of hedonism. Men are taking care of themselves and reconnecting with nature. They are opting for healthy, high-performance skin care products with proven effectiveness.

Beyond Men's Care is the result of an observation: the current market for men's cosmetics is extremely stereotyped and offers few truly natural solutions. Physiologically, men's skin has special characteristics that we focused on during research and development. Men also deserve healthy, ecological, and highly effective natural skin care.



« The future is not what will happen, but what we will do with it »


Nature has always been able to develop weapons to adapt to the constant changes in its environment and it is precisely these principles that we have chosen to highlight in our products. We want this strength of resilience drawn from nature to make it easier for people to adapt to the pressures of the modern world, to recharge their batteries and reconnect with nature and their nature in a simple and intuitive way.


Inspired by ancestral knowledge of all origins, our plants are universally recognized for their properties and their adaptogenic, antioxidant, regenerating and calming powers. We have drawn inspiration from the resilience of plants and extremophile organisms to enable you to increase your own adaptive capacity.